Make a statement and positive impression of your business with high quality, full color brochures. Compelling messaging is not complete without compelling design. Ensure you make the right impression to prospective clients and current customers with a brochure. Brochures are appropriate for all types of businesses—from small businesses to real estate. Make an impact and choose our affordable brochure printing.


 Half Fold
 Single fold  providing 4 pages.
Tri Fold
 Left and right flaps open to  reveal a message inside.
Z Fold

 The piece opens up  like an accordion.

There are a number of brochure printing design tips to keep in mind when creating a promotional piece:

Available types: Brochures are available in tri-fold, self-mailers, 4-page brochures/catalogs and more. Sizes are 8.75" x11.25" or 11"x17". Make sure you identify the amount of content. This decision will drive your design and layout.

Color options: Most brochures are printed in more than one color. The more colors you use, the more impact you will see in the look and feel. Images convey more professionalism and people tend to remember the messaging in color.

Paper: Choose the right paper for the job at hand. The heavier the weight, coating and feel, the more professional the look of the brochure.

Folds: There are three main fold options: