Print 4 color Menu on paper or PVC with or without lamination. We also have different kinds of material for your style to suit your restaurants. There are no minimum order for producing the Menu. Just pay what you need with our high quality printing and save money.

  Make one piece Menu with 4 color printing 2 side on VIP 210 gram paper which is thick enough for handling. Protect damage from water with hot lamination, grossy or matt, that also can upgrade to higher quality. 
Price : 100 Bath ( A4 size. Printing 2 side and Lamination )
 2 Page + Matte 160 Bath
 2 Page + Matte 80 Bath
 4 Page + Matte 160 Bath
 8 Page + Matte 320 Bath
 16 Page + Matte 640 Bath
 2 Page + Matte 80 Bath
 4 Page + Matte 160 Bath
 8 Page + Matte 180 Bath
 16 Page + Matte 640 Bath

Printing 4 color 2 side on 2, 3, 4 or more pieces of paper. Fold in a half then bind with two staple on the middle. Use same thickness of paper for the cover or improve quality with hard and strong paper. 
Price : 200 Bath ( 8 pages A5 size )
Price : 300 Bath ( 12 pages A5 size )
Price : 400 Bath ( 16 pages A5 size )

  This menu is created with good quality material for the cover. It can be thick card paper, wood or passwood. We use a printing image on canvas, sticker, leather or silk cloth to wrap around the cover. The inside part is designed for inserting menu lists which can be changed as often as you want. 
Price : Have to be quoted from material and design.
  Have a nice and strong menu to impress your customers with high quality printing, PVC lamination and wire binding. We stock different size of wire to bind an amount of papers. 
Price : 600 Bath ( A4 size. 6 pages)