the hotel service

Makes guests feel important by giving full information for hotel and travelism. When register in hotel, guest can use mobile to explore all information from hotel and local area. They also can make a request send to front office for some services. A taxi call, car rental and tours booking also can be booked direct from their mobile.

Hotel Services

Welcome Video

The video presentation with beautiful images will make a good impression to your guests.

Room Type

Tell your guest what a beautiful rooms you have in your hotel. This can present to let them know more about next stay.


All facilities and services can be presented with details and image gallery. This is good to know during their stay.


Show discount or promotion products/services to your guests. The afternoon tea or happy hour for cocktails can be reached easily.

Hotel Virtual Map

Guest can walkthrough all around hotel with virtual map and get to know what and where inside the hotel with 360 panoramic video.

Room Services

All restaurant menu can present with colorful images. Guest can choose to order what they like and deliver the message to the restaurant.

Morning Call

Guest can request a morning call direct from their mobile. The message will delivery to front office to take an action.


Improve operational and service excellence. This tool allows you to know what guests like/dislike and positively impact during their stay.

Travel Services

Hotel guests can search other services outside the hotels during  their holidays. They can book a taxi, rent a car or motorcycle. There are many reliable tours that can make a booking direct from their mobiles.

Tour Booking

Guest can make a booking direct on their mobile

Car Rental

There are many types of good quality car for guest to rent.

Taxi Booking

Guest a make booking for the taxi to pickup
from their mobile.

Travel Guide

All information from this travel guide can be useful for hotel guest to find out information and plan for their traveling.  Many interesting activities can be made to satisfied everyone and spend their special holidays with happiness.


Explore the beautiful beaches, natural park, viewpoint, waterfall, temples.​

Night Life

The entertainment at night can be find from a choice of music, show, bar and pub.

Local Foods

The dining and street food are presented with lovely images near your areas.