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Phuket Travel Map

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Impressively the revolution Map

Never get lost while traveling.

One of the best map you must have during your vacation. With the printing map, there will be a road map show the position and direction of attractions. When scan in to that place from your mobile, the information with descriptions ,images and videos will be presented on the screen.

Self Traveling is Ready!

The self traveling now can plan and make the trip with full information. This is useful for all tourists to keep in their pocket during their stay.

Front Cover

The front cover can be any business represent their brand or organization. This is the best position all tourists will remember.

Back Cover

Back cover is also another position to impact the tourists. With the business contact and description, guest will know more about your information. The QR Code will bring the tourist to see your website or promotion information you prepare.

Learn the History

These are full history information provide to the tourists.They can know the direction with ease or scan the qr code to use the mobile map.

Self Travel Guide

The tourists will be ready for self traveling and will never get lost. They will know where they are and go wherever they want. The images will show the real places and the virtual tour will let them know the places well enough before they go there.

Your MAP. Ready to Go.

This map is design for the new visitors that never come to Phuket. All details are prepared to be read or watched anytime and anywhere.

Name of the places

The title will show the name of the places.


The location will tell the address and GPS position.


Each location have the information that describe about the places.


Our systems are integrated with Google map. That's mean user can use mobile phone to get direction from point to point.

Digital Media

We prepared digital images, Video clips and 360panorama video. This make user know the place quite well before going there.


Some location will have the contact detail so user can contact for more information.

from Local
to Nature.

All information are prepared for everybody that love to visit any places with full details. They can rent a bike or a car and get the direction how to get there. Other than that, they can use the mobile as a guide tour to tell story of these places all the ways.

Publish with your Brand Name

This is a chance for the business to promote the brand name to the potential tourists and let them know and buy you products or services.


Print your Brand on the Cover

Let's customers impress your kindness
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Your QR Code on the Back
Let's people find out more about you.
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