The museum for Chinese immigrant.

This is the place for visitors to know about Phuket before travel to the old town. All 13 rooms exhibition will tell the story of  Phuket-Chinese people who fighted and planed for their next generation. 


years of Chinese Schoolin Phuket

This Sino-Portuguese building was built from the Chinese to give the education for their children. Many rich and poor people were donated and taught their kids to learn both Thai and Chinese. Even though the government didn’t allow and had been closing down for not to be Communist. The  school now was move to other larger building and left this building empty for ten more years. After renovation, this building is one of the most important place to visit and learn how Phuket people fight and continue their culture until today.

Chinese School


Welcome to
Phuket Thaihua School.

Chinese Shcool
a Museum

The Propesal

After the commitee of the school agree with our propersal to allow us develope this old building to be a chinese museum, we present a plan to renovate some parts of the building and start the decorations. The concept of this museum is to present the way chinese people immigrant from China and stay in phuket for tin mining. They start to build many schools to teach their children to learn chinese. Another concept is to present the chinese culture in Phuket that is different from what they used to live.

The Renovation

This building was left empty for more than ten years. We started to check all details and construction of the whole place to see the possibility to keep the old parts and renovate some damages from the age of years. We spent more than a half year to rebuilt, clean it up and furnish from the old unused furnitures. The roof take us more time and budget because of the old construction wood and old roof tile that break down.

The Presentation

We try not to brake down the wall or any part of the building and keep it as the way it is. Most of the presentation are the old images and material like books or music instruments. The building itself can tell a lot of story the way people use to work and build the building which is strong until nowadys. After we finished the first session in 2008, there are more exhibition was created and present to the public and become more popular to the visitors.

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Discover The Chinese New Land
New Culture and New Generation

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There are a lot more exhibitions in this building after my project. Nowadays this is one of the most attraction in Phuket Old Town.

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