3-10 minutes.
Hotel, Real Estate, Museum.

We use a 3D camera to capture the whole properties then combine these images with a floor plan and the spots to make the interaction for walkthrough. The text descriptions or sound can be add to each spot for self presentation.

VR Marketing

The Floor Plan

The Virtual Property Tour is able to exploring the potential of VR technology. User can walk around the house or hotel with the floor plan and view all the rooms of the property before making decision to buy or rent.


Add interactive hotspots on your 360° photos or videos and start building interactive virtual journeys. User can click and read the full information or see the image that appear on that position.


The Virtual tour can be used as a self guide for tourists to visit the places with full information. The hotspots can show a text descriptions to read or sound clips for listing.

Travel Maps

When combine the printing map with 360 images, user can travel to everywhere with their devices and enjoy beautiful panorama view from the virtual tours in the living room.

Virtual Walkthrough

You can try to experience walkthrough these museums by clicking the hotspots showing at the doors from each rooms.


Access Resort

Access Resort

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Thaihua Museum

Thaihua Museum

Explore 360 Video