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Online Project

About Us

We started our way as a small design bureau in 1995.

Follow Apple Macintosh development since 1986, we study and use many artwork innovation as a tools to reach the satisfaction for our clients in many commercial artworks till todays.

  • Photo Retouching (Adobe Photoshop 2.0 – Now)
  • Color Seperation (Immage Setter Machine)
  • Offset Printing (Heidelberg offset printing machine)
  • Digital Printing (Xerox® 700 Digital Color Press)
  • (Thailand Printing Directory Website)
2D-3D Animation
  • Swivel 3D
  • Macromind 3D
  • Electric Image
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe After Effects (Special Effects and 2D Animation)
Video Presentation
  • Final Cut Pro (Video Editing)
  • Adobe After Effects (Video Effects Animation)
  • 3D Video Production (Side by side)
  • Resolume (Video Mapping)
  • 360 Panorama (360 Camera)
  • Virtual Tour (VR Tools)
  • Phuket Cultural Centre at Rajabhat
  • Phuket Thaihua Museum
  • Thai 9 Kings at Satree Phuket School 
  • BangNeaw Learning Center
Online Projects
  • (Mobile Map)
  • (Offline and Online Map using QR Code)
  • (Directory for Printing business in Thailand)
  • (Online Namecard Printing)
  • (Directory for Phuket Business)
  • (Travelism)

Explore the services we offer for you!

We work efficiently with the great bulk of services and create the top-notch digital products.

It is a new journey for visitors to visit your properties by using their mobile phone. They can watch around and walkthrough the places from their living rooms. We can add information with texts or sound to show on the presentation to explain all about details.

We create high quality video for business presentation such as property, food and beverage, hotel and traveling. Featuring video, photos and texts can create a fantastic looking presentation to promo your business. Create your story now with our powerful and dynamic video.

Now people can use their mobile phone to scan and get direct link to browse your website. With a bridge of offline and online media, that will be a chance to communicate with your customers. We provide different levels of campaigns to make your traffics growth and improve your income.

We create professional websites online quickly and beautiful. Take your site to the next level with modern and responsive design to be compatible with all mobiles. Start with simple and powerful one page website or ready to have five pages filled with beautiful images and design to impress your customers.

We stand for fair play and unique ideas.

During our work we developed our approach to providing products and services, and the strategy of working with our clients.

We value every client and put major efforts to perform our work on the highest level.

We use the high-end tool to capture our ideas.

The software produced for graphics artist can be used to create unlimited imagination. When receive a project, many tools are all used to make the wonderful work for presentation.